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Second Mortgage - Toronto Mortgage Broker Rumy Gill
Second Mortgage – Toronto Mortgage Broker Rumy Gill

Second Mortgage


Fast Approvals. Fast Closings. Fast Cash.


Fast Second Mortgage in Toronto.
Serving all of  Toronto, Brampton and the GTA

Toronto Mortgage Broker – Rumy Gill, Helps make the Second Mortgage Approval Process is Simple and Easy!
Let a Toronto Mortgage Broker – Rumy Gill, Help you get Approved, Fast!

*All Income Accepted!
*All Credit Score Accepted!
*Approved on Home Equity!
*Get Cash in 48 Hours or Less!

You Needed Money, so you went to your Bank and your Mortgage Refinance was Declined Because of……
Problems with your Income?
Not Making Enough Income?
Don’t Pass the Stress Test?
Too Much Debt?
Bad Credit Score?
Problems with your Credit Score?
Your Credit situation changed since you got your Mortgage?
Or any other Reason given…..

Sounds like you Need a Second Mortgage!

Don’t Stress, there is No Need to Worry!

I Can Help get you the Money you Need with a Fast and Easy from the Equity in your Home, regardless of your Income or Credit Score situations.

How can a Second Mortgage Help you?
A Second Mortgage can Help you get Money Fast, for the Important things you need to take care of including;

*Get Money for Emergency
*Pay off Debt
*Pay off Credit Cards
*Pay off Pay Day Loans
*Pay Late or Missed Payments
*Pay off Collections or Judgements
*pay off Consumer Proposal
*Pay off Property Tax
*Pay off CRA
*Stop Foreclosures or Stop Power of Sale
*Rebuild your Credit
*Lower High Interest Debt
*Get Money for Home Repairs or Home Renovations
*Help you get Cash Fast for any reason
*Make Low Monthly Interest only Payments
*Free up Hundreds and Thousands of Dollar of Cash Flow Each Month
*Consolidate High Interest Debt with a Debt Consolidation
*Or anything you may Need Money for

How Can I Qualify for a Second Mortgage?
It’s very Easy actually, as long as you have sufficient amount of Equity in your Home, you’re Approved regardless of your situation, even if you;

*Have No Job or Been Laid off
*Work a Cash Job
*Are Self Employed or No Proof of Income
*Receive Government assistance
*Have Bad Credit or No Credit at all
*No Income Tax Return
*Owe Money to the Government or in Taxes
*Work a Non Salaried Job
*Work a Commissioned Sales or Contract Job
*Had a Past Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal

How Much Money can I Save with a Debt Consolidation by getting a Second Mortgage?
A lot of Money! Not only can I can save you Hundreds and Thousands of Dollars on your existing Debt, I can also Help give your Credit Score a Boost by paying off your Debt attached to your Credit Score. I’ll Help Lower your Overall Monthly Payments, Free up Monthly Cash Flow, and Help give your Credit Score a Boost with a Fast and Simple Debt Consolidation.

Now that’s a Win – Win Situation.

Here is a Client situation I recently Helped with Debt Consolidation with a Second Mortgage based on Home Equity:
Client had $40,000 Debt they wanted to consolidate and pay off.
Client was paying about $1,800/month on their Debt.
I arranged a Second Mortgage based on the client’s Home Equity and the Client had low monthly payments of $333/month.
Client was able to pay off all their High Interest Debt in full and Save $1,467/month!

How long is a Second Mortgage, Equity Loan Term and How do I make Payments?
I have flexible Open or Closed Second Mortgage Terms from

3 Months
6 Months
9 Months
1 Year

Payments are made Monthly basis or I can Help by taking Prepayments which allows you to not make any payments for the entire Term.

If you are struggling with payments due to Low Income, Over used or  overdrawn on your Credit, been laid off and just need some relief from an extra finances, I can Help you avoid making any payments for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or even 1 full year.

I am even able to help you consolidate your Second Mortgage into your First Mortgage.


What Type of Properties are considered for a Second Mortgage?
Here are a List of the type of property which we can considered;

*Residential Properties
*Detached Homes
*Semi Detached Homes
*Apartment Units
*Rural Properties
*Free Hold Town Home
*Condominium Town Home
*Condominium (Condo)
*Residential Rental Property
*Commercial Rental Property
*Retail Commercial Units


How much Amount can I get from a Second Mortgage?
I can Help you get up to 85% of the Home Value in Cash. That means you can Get…
$50, 000
$100, 000
$250, 000
or More!

No Problem, as long as you have the Equity, then Yes you can.


How Fast Can I get a Second Mortgage, Home Equity Loan?
I work Fast! I have gotten Client’s Money in as little as a Few Hours or in 1 Day, and the Longest it has taken a Client to get their Money has been 3 Days.


What types of Documents will I need when getting a Second Mortgage?
Not much, We make it Fast and Easy. Here are a few Basic documents I need to get you started.

*Completed Application
*Completed Consent Form
*2 Pieces of Valid Canadian IDs
*Most Recent Notice of Assessment
*Mortgage Statement
*Property Tax Bill
*Home Insurance policy (fire)


What kind of Rate can I expect to get for a Second Mortgage?
The amount of Equity you have in your Home will determine the Rate you will be able to receive. It is best to fill in an Application and I will get in touch with you to discuss your Qualification of your Home Value and Equity, so you can get the Best Rate.

All of our Clients have been Thrilled with the Rates we were able to get them and you will be too.


Common Questions I get regarding a Second Mortgage from Clients.

What if I Lost my job and I need Money for Bills, Mortgage Payments, and Other Expenses, Can I still get Approved?
Yes, As Long as you Have Equity You Are Approved!

What If I owe Money to CRA, Can I still get Approved?
Yes, As Long as you Have Equity You Are Approved!

What if I need to Consolidate Debt but I have Bad Credit, Can I still get Approved?
Yes, As Long as you Have Equity You Are Approved!

I am in a Foreclosure situation, Can I still get Approved?
Yes, As Long as you Have Equity You Are Approved!

I currently have a Second Mortgage and I need More Money, Can I still get Approved?
Yes, As Long as you Have Equity You Are Approved!

I need to Refinance my Second Mortgage to a new lender, Can I still get Approved?
Yes, As Long as you Have Equity You Are Approved!


If you have any Questions Regarding a Second Mortgage Home, Make sure to fill in our Online Application form so I can get in touch with you.

Second Mortgage - 2nd Mortgage - Toronto Mortgage Broker Rumy Gill
Second Mortgage – 2nd Mortgage – Toronto Mortgage Broker Rumy Gill

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