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Top 7 Reasons Why a Mortgage Refinance from Mortgages In GTA is the Best Options for you?

  1. Pay off High-Interest Loans and Credit Cards

  2. Get a Better Mortgage Rate, Terms, and Flexibility

  3. Shorten the Term of your Mortgage and Become Mortgage Free Faster!

  4. Lengthen the Term of your Mortgage and Lower your Mortgage Payments!

  5. Access your Home Equity for any Reason!

  6. Fix your Credit Score Rating by Paying off your Debts

  7. Roll your Credit Card and High Interest Debt into your Mortgage and Free up Monthly Cash flow into one easy Low Monthly Payment.


A Mortgage Refinance done from Our Team Has Helped Many Clients with;

*Improving their Credit Score so they can Qualify for a New Mortgage with a Better Rate.
*Stabilizing their Mortgage Payments by changing from a Variable Rate Mortgage to a Fixed-Rate Mortgage.
*Pulling out Home Equity for Consolidating Debt, Home Improvements, Investments, College Expenses, and More


Did you know 3 out 5 Canadians break their Mortgage before it is even up for Renewal. This is because waiting 5 years is a long time and life happens,  and unexpected Finances occur from time to time. If you have your Mortgage with the Bank and you need to break it, it can literally cost you an arm and a leg, this is because Banks calculate their Mortgage Penalties in specific manner, due to the Discount Rate which was given to you upfront when you signed your Mortgage.


These Penalties can range anywhere from $10, 000 to $25, 000 or More, just for breaking your Mortgage. And you thought you were getting the Best Rate, until you know about the Penalties involved in breaking your Mortgage early, it is then you realize the strings attached to the so called  Best Rate you are getting. Talk about pulling the wool over your eyes.


But of course when you’re looking for a Mortgage the Rate matters, however having Flexibility in your Mortgage is equally important. Not to worry, Our Team has access to Lenders who can get you a Great Mortgage Rate and who have low penalties in the event you are required to break your Mortgage for any reason. You will hardly even Notice the Difference in the Monthly Payments but you will save yourself from Costly Mortgage Penalties.


The Difference in Rate from one of our Lenders with Great Rates compared to your Bank Rate Mortgage is a Small amount of  $10 to $25 dollars a Month in Mortgage Payments. But this small Change can end up saving you $10, 000 or $25, 000 or More by having the flexibility in your Mortgage. Now, Isn’t that a Good Trade off?


It is important to think about future expense that may occur when you need to Refinance your Mortgage so you are well equipped if something were to happen, which will give you some much needed flexibility, such as;

*Consolidate High
*Get a Lower Mortgage Interest Rate
*Renovations or Home Repairs
*Get Access your Home Equity
*Lower High Interest Debt
*Help Fix your Credit
*Pay off Credit Cards
*Pay off Consumer Proposal
*Pay off Collections
*Move your Mortgage from a B Lender to the Bank
*Move your Mortgage from the Private Lender to a B Lender or Bank
*Increase your Monthly Cash Flow
*Lost your Job and you need a Money to Help get you by
*Need Money for your Business
*Need Money to Purchase a Business
*Need Money to Purchase a Rental Property
*Need Money for Emergencies
and basically any reason you may Need Money for.
So why are all the Lenders, just talking about their Rate and not the Features or Flexibility they offer?
This is because all the lenders know you want just want the Lowest Rate, and in most people’s cases will do anything to do get it.

But what cost are you really willing to pay for the Lowest Rate?
It is Not, Until you have to break your Mortgage, that your Realize the Cost you are paying for your Low Rate Mortgage. Ironically, your Low Rate Mortgage will cost you more in Penalties than it will Save you Money with the Low Rate it provides, in the event you need to break it.


So What Can I do to Ensure I get a Great Rate and Don’t Pay so much in Penalties if I Need to Break my Mortgage Early?
Our Team can Help you find the Lender that works best for your situation and Help you take advantage of Low Rates and Low Penalties in the event you need to break your Mortgage if you Sell your Home or Take advantage of a new Lower Mortgage Rate from one of our Mortgage Lenders.


I just Lost my Job, Can I get Approved for a Mortgage Refinance?
Yes, we can still get you Approved even if you Lost your Job, been laid off, are in between jobs, or working part-time. We have many options available and our Team will Help get your Mortgage Approved.


I switched Jobs and my Income has changed and I am making Less Money, Can I get Approved for a Mortgage Refinance?
Yes, we can get you Approved even if you switched Jobs and your Income has changed and you are making Less Money. We have many Mortgage Refinance options available and our Team will Help get your Mortgage Approved.


I was Declined by my Bank for a Mortgage Refinance due to my Debt Ratios, Can you Help get me Approved?
Yes, regardless of your Debt and Service Ratios, we have many options available for all situations, even if you don’t qualify with your Bank, our Team will Help get your Mortgage Approved.


My Credit Score has dropped, Can you Help get my Mortgage Refinance?
Yes, regardless of your Credit Score, we get you Approved even if you have Collections, Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal, or any other reason why your Credit Score has dropped and you have Bad Credit. Our Team can help you Fix and Repair your Credit Score and Help get your Mortgage Approved.


What if I fail the Mortgage Stress Test, Can I still get Approved for a Mortgage Refinance?
Yes we can, we work with Lenders who don’t require you to go through a Stress Test. You can get you Approved even if you Don’t Qualify under your Bank Rules, or Fail the Stress Test or have been Declined by your Bank. Because we deal with many Lenders outside of your Traditional Bank, we have access to many Lending options you would not have access to on your own, which means we can get all Situations Approved.


How much will it Cost me to Break my Current Mortgage, if I want to Refinance my Mortgage?
If you are breaking your Mortgage in the middle of your Term, your Lender will charge you a Prepayment Penalty. For Fixed Mortgage Rates this Penalty is the greater of three Months Interest or the Interest Rate Differential Payment (IRD). For Variable Mortgage Rates this is simply three Months Interest.

We recommend that you contact your Current Mortgage Lender or Bank and ask them, “If I were to break my Mortgage how much would be my Penalty.”  This way you know for sure how much it will cost you.



Not to worry, if you didn’t get right the First Time around with your Mortgage, My Team and I are here to help you get it right the Second time. We have saved our Client’s, Thousands of their hard earned dollars by getting them a Mortgage with better options that allow for Clients break the Mortgage if Required and not have major Financial impact or setbacks to their Finances. My Team and I have over 50 Years Experience in Approving Mortgages and we are able to get your Mortgage Refinance Approved with Right Terms and Rate to fit your needs and lifestyle.


It is important to know that Lenders will usually send you a Refinance letter or notification a few months prior to you Mortgage Renewal, this is the Best Time to explore your options and take care any Debt, or and new Mortgages needs that you may have now, and put in place a strategy or game plan.


Don’t just sign the Renewal thinking you are getting the best rate, because once you sign you are locked in for the Term, and breaking it can prove to be very costly! My Team and I can help you explore your Financing options based on your situation and ensure you are getting the Best possible Rate and the Best Options.

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