3 Ways a Mortgage Broker Can Help You

Toronto Mortgage Broker - 3 Ways a Mortgage Broker Can Help You

3 Ways a Mortgage Broker Can Help You

A mortgage broker can be a lifeline in the house buying process.  I’m not just saying this because I’m a Toronto mortgage broker!  There are some great benefits you gain by using us when buying a home and applying for your mortgage. 

Why Use a Toronto Mortgage Broker?

A Toronto mortgage broker, like myself, is a financial advisor.  Our area of expertise is advising on mortgages.  We have a duty of care, which means we are working in your best interests and working to find a mortgage that is suitable to your needs and financial situation.

The advice that a reputable Toronto mortgage broker can give you is invaluable in many ways.

We Are Qualified

A mortgage broker is qualified in finding the best mortgage package available to you.  It isn’t something as simple as going for the mortgage that looks cheapest, or a rate that is lowest.  We also know the industry very well.  There have been a number of changes in Canada’s mortgage eligibility criteria.  We can help find ways that help you qualify for the best mortgage possible, and have access to mortgage deals that you won’t find from lenders or on your own.

We also deal with lenders every day and know who can get things processed quicker for you, as well as what criteria each one will be looking for.  This way, if one lender says no, they are able to find you the one who says yes, while ensuring it’s a loan you can handle.  A mortgage broker has better results chasing up paperwork to keep things running smoothly as well.

We Are There For You

Your Toronto mortgage broker is on your side, not the lender’s side. This means we are looking for a mortgage package that benefits you, not the lender.  We are able to give you access to a larger number of products than you would get by just going straight to a lender. The advice we give is unbiased and you aren’t restricted to just one range of lenders.

It’s about much more than the mortgage!  We can help you look at related payment protection, life insurance, and building and contents cover for you.  We can recommend insurance that is based on your mortgage arrangements to ensure you are fully covered in case of critical illness, death, or loss of work.

We Can Help You Through the Red Tape

Mortgages can be like a minefield to those who don’t know what to look for.  We are there to make the process less stressful.  It’s one thing to get a quote from a comparison site, but choosing the right mortgage is a bit more complicated than picking what looks cheapest at the time.  We take your entire circumstances into account before recommending a mortgage package to you.  The service and advice you can get from a Toronto mortgage broker are personalized to your needs. 

If you’re looking for a mortgage, let’s get your application started now!

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