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A Private Mortgage doesn’t have to be Scary!

A Private Mortgage is a Loan Registered on a Property acquired through flexible lending process, which work outside of the Traditional Banking Guidelines and Procedures, and is provided by a single investor or group of Investors.


You don’t have to settle for Mortgage Rejection, I can help you get the Property you are purchasing even if you are having issues with the Bank or other Lenders with a Private Mortgage. If you are having troubles with your Mortgage closing, a Private Mortgage can solve your problem, and close your Mortgage Fast and save you from losing your Deposit or being sued by the Seller.

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All you have to do is Apply!

We Work with All Income and Credit Situations! Approvals on Home Equity are Available.

Here are the Benefits of Working with Rumy Gill a Brampton Mortgage Broker for your Second Mortgage;

  • All Credit Scores Accepted
  • Debt Consolidations
  • Pay off Property Taxes
  • Pay off Personal Taxes/ CRA
  • Pay off Judgments and Liens
  • Get Money for Any other Reason
  • Mortgage Prepayments are Available
  • Pay off Collections
  • Pay off Consumer Proposals

Looking for a Private Mortgage?

Speak to a Mortgage Broker about the most affordable mortgage option given your credit score, income and property.

A Private Mortgage can Help you get Financing and Money Fast, for the Important things you need to take care of including;

  • Immediate Short Term Mortgage Financing

  • Require Money for a Debt consolidation

  • Require Money Stop Foreclosure

  • Require Money Stop Power of Sale

  • Require a Mortgage for Fast Property Closing

  • Require Money to Restructure your Finances

  • Require Money for Minor or Major Home Renovations

  • Require Money for a Renovation Mortgage

  • Require Money to bring Property Tax up to Date

  • Require Financing for a Hard to Place Mortgage

  • Require Mortgage Financing for Very Bad Credit Situation

  • Require Mortgage Financing for Non Verifiable Income

  • Require Mortgage Financing for Current or Previous Bankruptcy

  • Require Mortgage Financing for Current or Previous Consumer Proposal

  • Require Mortgage Financing to Refinance a Second Mortgage

  • Require Financing for a Second Mortgage

  • Require a Mortgage for Rural Property Financing

  • Require Fast Cash for Emergency

  • Require a Mortgage for Bridge Financing

  • Require a Mortgage for Short Term Financing

  • Require Money for Emergency Financing

  • Require a Mortgage for Property in Remote Area

  • Require a Mortgage for Non Traditional Property

  • Require a Mortgage Construction Financing

  • Need Money for Fix and Flip Property

  • Require Mortgage Financing for a Custom Built Home or Estate

  • Require Money for Tax Arrears

  • Require Money for an Equity Take Out

Recent Deals Approved:

Home Purchase $845k Approved - Etobicoke, Ontario

Private Mortgage Purchase $400k Approved - Hamilton, Ontario

2nd Mortgage $230k Approved - Port Hope, Ontario

Mortgage Refinance $375k Approved - Stoney Creek, Ontario

Home Equity Loan $125k Approved - Markham, Ontario

Mortgage Refinance $350k Approved - Barrie, Ontario

Buying A Home for $900k Mortgage Approved - Mississauga, Ontario

Home Purchase $750k Approved - Caledon, Ontario

Mortgage Refinance $570k Approved - Toronto,Ontario

Mortgage Refinance $250k Approved - Newmarket, Ontario

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Rumy Gill - Mortgage Broker



Rumy Gill delivered on what he said - No hassle at closing at all. He was able to get me a great mortgage rate and affordable monthly payments. All communication was in a timely manner, no surprised at last minute. Would definitely go again with Rumy Gill again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Lenders Look for when Approving a Private Mortgage?

The Main Factors that go into obtaining an Approval, are the Location of the Property, and the Equity position in the Property and ability to make interest only payments and exist strategy.

Secondary Factors or additional factors Lenders may look into when obtaining an Approval are, Use of the Property, Client Repayment History and Client’s Income, Client’s Net worth.

Why would I need a Private Mortgage?

A Private Mortgage can help you get the Financing you require, where Traditional Banks and Lenders  may have difficulties Qualifying your Mortgage and not be able to get you Approved, based on Income, Credit Score, Location of the Property, and Type of Property .

A Private Mortgage can be Approved based on Equity, which is beneficial when your Credit Score is Bad or you have Issues with your Income or just have Low Income in general and you will not Qualify with a Traditional Bank or Lender.

I seem to have a Hard to Place Mortgage, No One seems to be able to get me Approved. Can you Help me get Approved?

Yes I Can. As a Toronto Mortgage Broker I can Help you get Financing and get you Approved for even Hard to Place Mortgages, where No One seems to want to Approve. I have Financed many Mortgages in the GTA and Rural areas where many others have Failed.

How Fast Can I get a Private Mortgage?

I can Help you get Approved in little as 24 hours or in a matter of a few Days. If your situation is an Extremely Difficult one, then it may take up to a week before we get your Mortgage Approved. The Longest it has taken me to get Approved has been 1 weeks and the Least amount of Time it has taken us has been a few hours. Whatever your situation may be, I can Work Fast to get you Approved and keep you updated throughout the entire process.

What kind of Rate can I expect to get for a Private Mortgage?

Typically, rates are higher than Traditional Bank Rates. But Good News for my Client’s, I have Access to the Best Private Mortgage Rates in Canada, our Rates start from 5.95%. Contact me Today to find out what Rates you will qualify for.

Is a Private Mortgage Interest Only Payment?

No, payments can be either as an Interest only Mortgage or as a Traditional Principle and Interest Mortgage. Depending on your requirements I can have a Mortgage constructed to fit your Situation and Needs.

How long are Private Mortgages for?

Terms can last anywhere between;

  • 1 Month (30 Days)

  • 3 Months

  • 6 Months

  • 9 Months

  • 12 Months (1 Year)

  • 24 Months (2 Years)

At the end of the Term you will have an option to Renew or Refinance your Mortgage, when you arrive at this stage, I can help you move you to a Traditional Lender.

As a Toronto Mortgage Broker, I have many years of Experience in Approving Mortgages and I am able to get you Approved for a Mortgage fast. You don’t have to settle for a Mortgage Rejection, I can get you Approved.


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